The Public Television service is a channel devoted to the public good. Among their many independently produced programs, there is no shortage of educational and family-oriented material. By producing quality programming, public media educates society at large and encourages them to care for and take part in significant issues. The Omexey Foundation shares these values, so we support this platform for public dialogue along with our other charitable contributions.


Since 2012, Omexey has regularly sponsored programming related to children, youth, and vocational education:


〈Play the Summer Away〉

〈Winter Vacation at Grandma’s House〉

〈Parent Fail〉

〈In Pursuit of Skill〉

〈C’mon Kids!〉

〈This Is Youth〉

〈On Children〉


We also produce 30 seconds promo every year to raise awareness of public good.

2015【Love my family】

2016【I miss me】

2017【Stop phubbing】

2018【Practice what you teach】