Among all the groups promoting education and discovery at the yearly Za Share Expo, the Skills for U booth was especially full of vim and vigor. This team focused on vocational skills training stood out from the pack, especially secretary general Huang Wei-hsiang. He’s a specialist in the field who also serves as an independent reporter for Craftsmanship Insights, reporting on vocational education and highlighting issues related to trades workers. From policy to curriculum, he speaks with passion and confidence on all topics related to vocational education.


Beyond addressing policy issues related to vocational education, they hope to change the way people look at those who pursue a trade. Not only do tradespeople earn money to make a living, they participate in international competitions and contribute to society. In 2018, Skills for U took a team of 8 trade workers to a small, rural school to engage in a renovation project.



As with the Yu-Dong Jr. High Carpentry class, the Zhongshan Baseball Team, the Shiukuang Karate Class, and the Pinglin Marching Band, Omexey is committed to helping rural students. In this case, learning trade skills can help them break the cycle of poverty and face the changing trends in industry. We know that achieving this goal will require different players in different fields all making their own contribution.


We’re so glad we met the young, energetic, and insightful team at Skills for U. We trust that our partnership will make a contribution to rural students and help Taiwan see the value and potential of trades workers.


Craftsmanship Insights website (Chinese)

Skills for U FB