Dr. Lin was a physical therapist working at hospital about twenty years ago, once during a medical equipment exhibition overseas he found that almost 80% of the orthotic shoes were actually manufactured first in Taiwan and then sold back from foreign company with higher price. Therefore, Dr. Lin became Dr. Foot and was determined to develop advanced foot solutions.


Dr. Lin once worked with Chi Mei Medical Center in Tainan to help a 21-years-old young man whose feet were deformed. He was in a wheelchair and had never stood up on his own. When he got hired for the first time to work as a counter staff, the job required him to stand up on his feet. It was the mission impossible that fell on Dr. Lin’s shoulders. The customized shoes were made in his quest to fulfill such request. The day this young man tried out the orthotic shoes, he could stand and walk without cane. Dr. Lin felt grateful to God for achieving this, even though it was not lucrative.


Dr. Lin and his team, they are doing an amazing job: to help people to stand up again on their own feet, especially for those who had amputation due to diabetes.

(Dr. Foot’s website: https://www.en.drfoot.com/our-story)


OMEXEY & Dr. Foot, ‘’ Home up ‘’project


One home could fall if one pair of feet get injured and can no longer stand up;

However, one pair of shoes can help this pair of feet to stand up firm again, and this will bring back hope for the family.


In 2019-2020, we helped more homes/families to stand up brave with Dr. Foot’s foot orthosis and OMEXEY’s love.