Donation method
Click on your preferred donation way and submit the complete form
  1. Submit the complete form
  2. Get the code of payment
  3. Use
    * 7-11 ibon
    * FamiPort
    * Life-ET
    * OK.go
  4. Click
    A. Code/payment>
    B. Enter your code of payment>
    C. Check the amount>
    D. Print out the bill>
    E. Pay the bill>
    F. Get the receipt
Mega International Commercial Bank
(code: 017)
Minsheng Branch
(code: 036)
Account Name
OMEXEY Charity Foundation
Account Number
  1. The transaction fee will be covered by the donor. :
    * From deposit: NTD$30
    * By Cash: NTD$100
    * By ATM: NTD$15.
  2. Please inform the Foundation by phone call or email:
    A. Donation Date
    B. Last 5 numbers of the bank
    C. Transfer Bank
    D. Donation Amount
    E. Receipt Title
    F. Phone Number
    G. Mail Address for the receipt
    H. ID Number