Over the years, many have come from overseas and devoted their profession, their passion, their very lives for this island of Taiwan. But now, there are unsung Taiwanese quietly pouring out the best years of their lives in distant corners of the world. Some were born in poverty, while others lived in comfort. Some are young and healthy, while others are beset with disease, but all of them set out on the same mission.


Let There Be Light is an internet platform that spreads the stories of these Taiwanese people quietly spreading light in distant corners of the world. All the work behind this platform, from contacting subjects, to conducting interviews and lectures, is handled by the 28-year-old founder, Tai Shinyu. She wants the people of Taiwan to know about their compatriots who are working for good around the world.


When we saw a young woman giving her all to such a meaningful work, Omexey wanted to make a contribution as well. In 2017, we began sponsoring Let There Be Light lectures, and since then have helped to host events on nearly twenty topics, including Iraq, Uganda, South Sudan, North Korea, and the Myanmar Rohingya crisis.


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